KRESY-SIBERIA FOUNDATION is a worldwide discussion group and virtual museum dedicated to research and remembrance of those deported from eastern Poland to Stalin’s gulags during and after WW2.


sandstoneSANDSTONE PRESS is a publisher of fiction and non-fiction books, and ebooks, based in Highlands of Scotland. The company is characterised by high editorial and design standards, inter-nationalism, and a strong engagement with the contemporary world using modern methods.


cosmo review


COSMOPOLITAN REVIEW an online magazine of Things Polish.

“The Long Bridge is a wonderful book, much more than another retelling of the horrors of the gulag. It is, of course, a historical document, but it is also a psychological study, a development of a philosophy, and an inspiration. I recommend it highly.” Irene Tomaszewski, writer and recipient of the Lech Walesa Media Award 2011.


This is a site dedicated to all those murdered by the Soviets and buried in mass graves in the forest near Kiev. There are thought to be 2,000 Poles and 100,000 Ukrainians.


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