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KRESY FAMILY has been created to promote, honour and preserve for posterity the history and experiences of Polish citizens, of all religions and of all ethnic backgrounds from the Eastern Borderlands of Poland known as Kresy Wschodnie.

They have very good family history research links.


sandstoneSANDSTONE PRESS is a publisher of fiction and non-fiction books, and ebooks, based in Highlands of Scotland. The company is characterised by high editorial and design standards, inter-nationalism, and a strong engagement with the contemporary world using modern methods.


cosmo review


COSMOPOLITAN REVIEW an online magazine of Things Polish.

“The Long Bridge is a wonderful book, much more than another retelling of the horrors of the gulag. It is, of course, a historical document, but it is also a psychological study, a development of a philosophy, and an inspiration. I recommend it highly.” Irene Tomaszewski, writer and recipient of the Lech Walesa Media Award 2011.


byknowia entranceUKRAINIAN KATYN MEMORIAL AT BYKOWNIA The site is not available while being renewed.

This is a site dedicated to all those murdered by the Soviets and buried in mass graves in the forest near Kiev. There are thought to be 2,000 Poles and 100,000 Ukrainians.


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