Although in her sixties Urszula was also “a child of the Sixties”. She had recently regained her freedom and loved to dress in purple with the long beads and metal pendants that were popular then. She even bathed naked in a tin bath in the garden in water warmed by the sun. Her granddaughter describes her as “The youngest person that I have ever met.” A sense of humour helped survival in the gulag, so this page does not seem out of place beside the serious nature of Urszula’s ordeal.

KSENIYA SIMONOVA’S sand story was winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009 and had much of the population in tears. It is serious as well as very beautiful. It portrays the terrible losses of The Great Patriotic War following the German invasion in 1941. The opening scene shows a couple sitting on a bench under a starry sky. Warplanes appear and the happy scene is obliterated to be replaced by crying faces. Then a baby arrives and the woman smiles again, but war and chaos return and a young woman becomes an old widow, before the image turns into an obelisk – a monument to Ukraine’s Unknown Soldier.

LOVE LASTS, at least in this case. Nearly 20 million views, so don’t be left out!

This TALKING DOG TEASE is a gem.



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