Vasily Blokhin, the man who executed 7,000 Polish prisoners in a month.

Vassily Blokhin NKVD executioner

Vasily Blokhin

Not a particularly revealing article, but it maybe of interest to those who lost relatives in the Katyn Massacre. It doesn’t say where he did his dirty deeds but Wikipedia says Mednoye, so he probably did not execute my grandfather Wladyslaw Muskus at Bykownia. Apparently he became an alcoholic, went insane and committed suicide.

The Man Who Executed 7,000 Polish Prisoners in a Single Month




2 thoughts on “Vasily Blokhin, the man who executed 7,000 Polish prisoners in a month.

  1. Turkiewicz, Mark

    Thanks Peter
    I see somebody posted about the article.
    I would respond to him but didn’t want to sign up.
    I put the following in response.
    It sure is true, you can see a copy of Beria’s March 5th letter proposing the executions with Stalin’s signature on it. Beria put 3 guys in charge of organizing the killings. Beria stepped up as the main shooter. The only thing I might dispute which isn’t so significant is that the NKVD didn’t use the german walthers with a plan to frame the Nazis; they thought their crimes would never be discovered and sure didn’t know the Nazis would uncover the first grave. The walther was a reliable weapon and comfortable to use for 100 killings per night.

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    1. Urszula Muskus Post author

      Yes Mark, I’m sure you’re right as the Soviets would not have expected to be beaten back by the Germans. Did you mean Blokhin stepped up as the main shooter, I thought Beria would have been too busy in Moscow running the NKVD.


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