Monthly Archives: June 2014


What a feast of events this festival includes at Summerhall in Edinburgh. I can only report on one day full of interesting and enjoyable activities.

Billy Kay spoke about the Scottish diaspora in Poland in the 16-18C, the many thousands who travelled as pedlars, merchants and mercenaries, and then settled and became integrated into the local population. Some rose to high status and were gifted land by the king, became Mayor of Warsaw or created vast wealth. Craigievar Castle, Marshall College and Robert Gordon College in Aberdeen were all founded by wealthy merchants who made their money in Poland. How many of the Poles who have come to Scotland in recent years are simply returning to their homeland?

The Officier’s Wife is an interesting documentary about the Katyn Massacre and this was followed by the Davno folk singers. They were good therapy after the difficult emotions of the film.

Katy Carr

The day was completed with a concert by Katy Carr. She is a great singer and the added graphics make her show into a well rounded performance. Congratulations to all involved.