Prayers at the Katyn International Motorcycle Ride 2006

Prayers at the Katyn International Motorcycle Ride 2006

For those interested in the Ukrainian Katyn List this website posted by the Roman Catholic Parish of Jesus Christ is King of the Universe in Kiev will be of great interest. It gives a detailed history of Bykownia starting with the documentation of 4Ha of forest provided as a plot for the “special needs” of the NKVD in 1937 and includes the referenced memories of local residents. Night after night rows of trucks arrived at the forest with their load hidden under a tarpaulin cover. Everybody knew that these were the bodies of those murdered in the prisons in Kiev.

It details the many official committees and exhumations that occurred between 1944 and 2011 by the Soviet, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish governments to establish blame. It has been confirmed that at least some of those on the Ukrainian Katyn List were buried at Bykownia, how many of the 3435 total is not known, but this number is dwarfed by the 100,000 Ukrainians buried in the forest. The Polish memorial had it’s official opening on 21st September 2012.

The local Parish see the care of Bykownia as a great honour, but also a challenge. For this, those of us spread around the world with our murdered forefathers buried at Bykownia must feel reassured and be thankful. Photos can be seen at


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