DIPLOMATIC DOG: Scruffy Nellie the Haggis Pudding.

Scruffy Nellie

Dear Nellie, I may associate you with the ‘m’ word, but it comes only from a sense of jealousy, a very bad emotion, one which my Babusia would never have had. There’s you, a stray ‘m’ in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, with two thousand five hundred and something followers reading about your daily adventures and fillusopical musings, and you, my latest follower are only number seven, possibly 007. Oh Nellie, now that I’ve got it off my chest I feel so much better about you! You are but a dear sweet little dog with beautiful curls as you gaze into the lens like a true pro.


Tess c1972

When I was young I had a dog as my closest friend for many years. Tess was a black, white and tan mongrel with her tail chopped off (that’s why the photo is this way round). Yes they used to do things like that, but you’re much too young to know. She looked much like a short haired fox terrier as you can see in the photo. Babusia loved Tess very much and always gave her lots of cuddles when she visited us near Lincoln (a very difficult word to spell). Tess died over 30 years ago, but I still remember her with great affection, and her love of licking my ears! Maybe I will tell you more about Tess another day, and the five other dogs in my life.


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