Gulag guard tower

Gulag guard tower. All photos courtesy of

In 1947 Joseph Stalin demanded a railroad built across the taiga of northern Siberia to reach Russia’s far eastern territories. Thousands of gulag prisoners died building 700km of track before it was abandoned in 1953 following Stalin’s death. Sixty years ago everyone left leaving many personal belongings behind and, being hundreds of kilometers from the nearest settlement, much has remained intact. This area is in Krasnoyarsk Krai, the same province and about Rusting steam engine.1000km north of Dolgiy-Most where Urszula was sent into eternal exile in 1952. Urszula crossed the River Biryusa, a tributary of the Yenisei, to work a summer season in the taiga. The short warm summers herald hordes of mosquitoes followed by 8 months of freezing temperatures.

This project recording the abandoned gulags is led by Abandoned rails.Stepan Cernousek and supported by The photos are excellent, but living in the Highlands of Scotland with a 0.5mbps broadband speed somewhat slow to load. This is positively metropolitan compared to Turukhansk!


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